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    I ripped mine off a few months ago, shortly before I put a Seidio Innocase on it. With the case on, the open port doesn't really look too odd and the hassle I save fingering that piece of plastic is well worth it. Just keep a can of air around and blow out the hole every once in a while.
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    I lost my flap awhile back,that phone is now dead. Not sure if it had anything to do with it but phone would not charge. I would keep it on as long as possible
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    I still have mine, always use the Touchstone so its not a problem for me
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    I don't have a touchstone, charge the phone all the time and mine is still hanging on. Feels pretty much exactly as it did when I bought it...knock on wood...
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    86% of the people voting still have their charging doors, betcha alot of them have Touchstone chargers.
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    Just answered this on another thread. I still have mine but mine is only 1 day old. I usuallly pull mine out of my phones but I think I'm going to keep it in this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    86% of the people voting still have their charging doors, betcha alot of them have Touchstone chargers.
    or new pres or recently refurbished ones... someone link the "what# pre ur on" poll please
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    Original Pre from 6/09, no Touchstone and use USB in car and at home...door still on!
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    I do not own a Touchstone and I have very poor battery life so I'm am constantly plugging in.

    Not only do I still have my door I have to say I'm rather adept at opening it. You do do it with the slider open, right?
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    it would bother the hell out of me if mine wasnt there... I dig the smoothness of it. No TS either, but I still would hate it if it was missing.
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    I have the door on, it's a pain having to slide the phone open to do get access, but I don't want pocket lint building up inside so on it stays.
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    ive had my pre for long enough for it to break (since November 09), but it hasnt. i dnt have a TS. A hole in there would look ugly!
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    My door is still on but I have to say it's one of my only complaints about this phone. My girlfriend got the Pixi and I have to admit I jealous of the battery cover and the spring loaded USB door.
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    fell off from use.... have launch pre and not going to replace....

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    i still have mine but its driving me nuts!!! i like it on cuz the body is overall smoother but for some reason the bottom end is ALWAYS sticking out.... i dunno why but i cant get it to be completely aligned when closed
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    the flap is supposed to protect from dust and such....glad I still have myne on..
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    Mine just detached itself yesterday. I plugged it back in, but now it comes off every time I open it. At this point, I just take it off entirely while charging and re-attach it when I'm done, but I'm worried about losing it when I need to plug it in in the car (where every place I could store it is also black). I wish Palm made replacement covers -- I'd buy half-a-dozen, just to be on the safe side!
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    mine fell off the other learning to live with it, but it doesnt look right anymore
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