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    I got my phone on 1/25 and yesterday I was using the phone and the screen went off. I thought I must have it the power button but when I pressed it the screen wouldn't come back on. Then around 10 seconds later the screen came back on on its own. It continued to "flick" on and off for about 5 seconds. Didn't have this happened again until about 5 mins ago, same symptoms. The phone doesn't actually turn off, but the screen just goes dark and then flicks b/w on and off. I know I prob have a defective unit and will be going to the verizon store tomorrow to have it looked at, however I just wanted to know if anyone else has the same problem. Also while I'm ranting, the 'A' key on my keyboard is only responsive about 80% of the time. Ohh well, i guess i have a bum unit.
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    You have a defective unit.
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    ya it's just a bummer b/c I had waited a while for it and it's disappointing to have a defective unit
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    restart phone, does it still do it?
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    unfortunately yes it still does it.
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    Keep reading this forum. I think there is a battery seeding issue others have mentioned. Putting a small piece of paper in the battery compartment pushes the battery in tightly.

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    thanks. yes i have read the other post on the battery seeding issue and since the phone doesn't actually turn off I believed it to be a separate issue and start a new post. plus I took a look at the battery and the fit is quite snug. I thought I was going to break the phone taking it out.

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