Hey guys,
I convinced my fiancee to let me finally buy a pre plus thanks to the free pixi (for her) offer. So I signed in and I had some questions. I read the palm centrals post already but I like to hear other peoples opinion. Anyway here are some of my questions?

Do you use a screen protector? If not, how durable is the screen from scratches?

Do I need a case or is thing durable in your opinion?

If you think I do need a case, any suggestions?

Is the battery that bad? I mean I never can gauge if the people complaining are talking on the phone for 3 hours, browsing for 5 or just using it moderately.

Any big thing I need to know about? good or bad?

Thanks! I have been researching for a new phone for a long time. I was planning to go to an all touch like the HTC (or wait to 2049 when the Iphone comes to verizon) but then I figured I really do like a physical keyboard (coming from a voyager). Anyway Blackberry for me was just plain and plus surfing the web is the most I do on my phone, and the droid was just not comfortable to me. I went to Verizon yesterday and played with it for 30 minutes. It seems like it's not selling well but I have to say it was totally the angels singing from heaven moment for me. It was everything I wanted; a phone similar to a BB curve but with a interactive touch and sweet browser! I'm stoked.