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    HAHA wow ok, that worked way too well and wow was that an entertaining read. Some apologies (and thank yous) first are very much in order.

    To everyone offended to my post, I'm sorry, I waited till my first post got relegated to page 2 of the forum before doing this and in the end it did give me some very good suggestions.

    To the people that did not see through my sarcasm, sorry for misleading you? Common guys, I dramatically changed my writing structure and strangely capitalized all of that part. But whatever, for the record I think the Pre is amazing and is by far the best phone i've ever had. Yes I know it was my fault that I'm having these issues, not Palm's. Your posts telling me to switch made me smile.

    Thank You very much to Pogeypetey for changing my title and pretty much doing what a moderator is supposed to. Sorry for giving you extra work, thank you very very very much for not outright deleting the thread.

    Thank you big****t for actually getting that I was actually trying to make people laugh a little while helping me. Guess I did a sucky job at it but at least I made one person laugh so I'm happy.

    And last but very certainly not least thank you Iancarr27 and Achill3s for the suggestions. I will try Iancarr's first and worst comes to worst I will try a partial erase.

    Thank you for all the help and sorry for rustling up a few feathers.

    edit: oh and thank you navineg for your suggestion as well, you posted while I was typing so I didn't see it.
    ^ This sounds like an acceptance speech at the Grammy's ^

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    lol I guess it does.
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