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    I was just wondering, if the Pre and the Pre Plus are both running WebOS, why does the Plus not get the "Too Many Cards" error when no or one card(s) are open (ie, like on the Pre after closing a 3D game then trying to play other 3D game)?

    I know the Plus has more memory, but if they are running the same version with the same memory management function, it seems like the Plus would/could have the same problem.
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    I'm thinking that 256MB in the original Pre was the bare minimum for WebOS to function. Sounds like since it does multi-task, it just needs more memory to work with! Who knows, maybe we'll get 1GB of RAM one of these days
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    it also depends on memory leaks, etc. I'm sure any problem that is there on the Pre is also there on the Pre Plus, but with all the extra RAM it'll be a lot more difficult to encounter.

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