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    hey people
    i need some input on the pre.
    tried to look into the pre complains thread with its 110 pages but people talk there about everything. i currently dont own a pre and i never really got one into my hands. but ive followed it all the time.

    in the early days i made a pro/con list for the device, right now i have to search it, but also alot of things changed so i thought i would make a new one.

    you should know, i love the pre, regardless of the missing features or the bad things about it, im goin to buy one. if not the pre, then the pre+

    so im asking you pre users:

    please only in short words, gathering things you know:

    What do you miss on the Pre?
    What makes the pre a bad device?
    what could make it a better device?
    what should be included in webOS or the next pre?

    so what i got for now:

    -no custom notification sound / custom contact sound
    -no notification management
    -no backlight / LED light
    -no character counter in messaging
    -no shutter sound toggle
    -no timestamp in messages
    -no virtual keyboard
    -no java
    -serious email application trouble
    -IMAP emails only from inbox but not custom folders
    -cracking screen throu overheating (got this from the early days, is it still?)
    -calender application is lala
    -all personal data in the cloud
    -no removeable storage

    -phone cracks (usb port/screen)
    -phone gets issues and becomes laggy after time
    -no proxy support
    -no bluetooth OBEX filetransfer (ty Admiral_Awesome)
    -no call duration in call log
    -no voice memo

    -no bluetooth headset (need confirm, confirmed working)

    so, what do you know/feel/need ?
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    Bluetooth OBEX! I can't believe we still can't transfer files and contacts to/from other BT-enabled phones.
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    No need to comment, except that bluetooth headsets work fine.

    But, really, all that info is here already. search and read, it's good for you. ...builds a strong mind!
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    so where did i got all the info?

    you should read more i suppose...

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