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    My phone needs to be replaced, just wanted thoughts on what to do? settle for a refurb and hope it works.. or get out of my contract due to increase in fee and then resign up and get a new phone?

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    The refurbs are performed by Palm. They usually offer the newest hardware and software advances (i.e.: the new battery design, no Oreo effect) that are in-line with the "new" hardware. Essentially, they tear the device down, and re-build it when it is refurbished. Although its not "new", effectively it is.

    I am on my third Pre since I blew up (not literally) trying to root, I dropped one and it got really scratched (dunno how I got a replacement for that one) and this one. The second one I had was the best build of the three, and it was a refurb.

    If you like the device, just turn it in and get a replacement. Its not worth the hassle of killing the contract and trying to get a new phone (especially considering you probably won't get the deal)
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    I'm on my 5th Pre (4th refurb) and still see oreo effect on each one I've had. Some not so bad as others... Some worse. But all still there. I LOVE my Pre and recommend it to people but build quality stinks imho...
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    Get the replacement. If you don't like it keep returning it or you can always do the cancelling thing.

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