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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeDubC View Post
    As a loyal Palm Pre owner. I feel like I got totally screwed by Luminar Research. I paid $9.99 for X-Plane. Great simulator WITH NOTHING TO DO!! Now the new X-Plane comes out 2 weeks later and has a ton of things to do for the same price.

    Bad for Luminar, Bad form.

    From now on I will boycott Luminar as they failed me.

    I don't get the "WITH NOTHING TO DO". It does exactly what it's supposed to do- IT FLIES!
    Long Live Palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by LocoTreoGurl View Post
    I don't get the "WITH NOTHING TO DO". It does exactly what it's supposed to do- IT FLIES!
    boring. there is no point to the game. at least an update with a task would make it worthwile.
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    the whole point is to simulate flying a plane, you know, like taking off and landing. some people find these kinds of games fun just like how you would find x-plane carrier to be fun. Don't diss the developer just because you failed to research before you spent your money on a "boring" game.
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    I don't really care whether there's a new X-Plane combat simulator or not.
    I didn't expect M$ to build their combat simulator into their regular
    flight simulator, so wouldn't expect that of any other product.
    I do expect any given flight simulator to be the best that it can be though.

    The problem with X-plane as a flight simulator is that it's just pointlessly
    limited in its own right. My first and biggest gripe is that there's no way
    to jump to any specific place on any of the maps. You can choose a
    random airport, or a random flight, or one of 4 airports that are
    always far from where you want to be, and that's IT. This beautiful
    pinch, zoom and rotatable map, that's totally worthless.
    For example, if I want to go explore in the far northern Mohave desert region
    of the SoCal map, I've gotta start a flight from somewhere in LA metro area
    and fly over the mountains. I've tried seeing if a random flight will ever put
    me up there, and 30-40 attempts later, I gave up. It's fly there or nothing.
    Random flights in Alaska, put you out over the open ocean at least half the
    time. I want to at *least* be able to choose to fly out of any airport
    I can see on the map.

    And you can't change planes in mid flight, so if I want to explore some
    interesting terrain in a slow plane, I can't start the flight with one
    of the jets so I can get there quickly (due to the stupid map limitation)
    and then switch to a slower plane so I can enjoy the scenery.
    As soon as you switch planes, you're back on the ground, far from
    where you wanted to be.

    And 3d objects like ATC towers and other airport structures?
    Other landmarks? Bridges? (check out the golden gate bridge in this sim)
    Antennas? Other robot aircraft? '
    Air traffic control?
    Incredible internet integration features available to any app
    on the Pre, and I still have to fly around as though I'm the last person on earth
    (unless I happen to find another Pre + X-plane user on the same Wifi network).
    A HUD display that can never be turned off.

    It may be the most advanced flight simulator available for a mobile device
    but it's really not that great of a flight simulator for something
    with this much horsepower (600Mhz CPU and a very capable GPU).
    I remember flight simulators on my Pentium III that had a heck of a lot
    more interesting stuff to do. Dunno if anyone here remembers the
    "Flight Unlimited" series of that vintage (1995-1997), but they absolutely
    rocked compared to this and they were also pure flight simulators.

    X-plane for the Pre seems like little more than a teaser for
    their desktop version, except I only feel teased, and not really impressed
    enough to care about the latter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSmJ View Post
    QUICK! Somebody call the number for the WHAAAAAAAAAMMMBULANCE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by gabbott View Post
    No, you probably just didn't read correctly.
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