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    I went to use mobile hotspot today and i got the "Your account is not authorized for internet sharing" notice. Now whenever i turn on ipforwarding with freetether & mobile hotspot on my EVDO connection drops.

    This happening to anyone else?
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    nope... just tried it, works like a charm for me. Although i don't really tether much
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    I just tried mine, it's working correctly. Hmmmmmmm.....
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    Sprint may have flagged your account. Have you been downloading excessively using mobile hotspot?
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    It's not possible for Sprint to remotely do anything to your phone. I've gotten that message a few times... I think it's associated with ip forwarding, but I haven't played with it much so I'm not sure. In any case, if you wait 30 seconds or so, your EVDO connection will come back and you'll be able to tether.
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    I found it's actually my bt jeadset. For some reason when bt is connected & I go to open mobile hotspot it thinks I'm trying to create a bt pan connection. Works fine with bt off. Sorry about the scare lol
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    I have the mobile hotspot enabled & other devices can find the wifi signal, but they connect for two seconds & then they stop. For example, my ds, I try to connect & it connects just fine, but then it disconnects after the notification. Did I do something wrong?
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    I get this notification as well, but I didn't take note if Bluetooth was on or off. I'll make sure to double check this the next time I use it and post back. However even though I get the not authorized notification, the connection still seems to work without issue.
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    Is this using Mytether? Or is there a hacked version of the mobile hotspot from the VZW Pre Plus?
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    hacked version of mobile hotspot...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkohlmann View Post
    hacked version of mobile hotspot...
    Where do i get it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kunedogg View Post
    Where do i get it?
    All that you need is here:
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    This is not a hacked version, there was an accidental leak of mobile hotspot on the palm app store and a bunch of people got it. if you do a search for mobile hotspot, you should be able to find the file. It does require that you either use freetether or the ip forward patch for it to work though.

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