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    Hi all,

    Owner of a June6th Pre. Never really had major problems other than slider rubbing - not sliding 100% smoothly, headphone jack engagement. Recently my power button seems to be permanently pressed (seems like). I can still use it but I have to press down on it hard inorder to turn off/on the screen. Because of the added "difficulty" I usually just slide up the slider to check the screen (beside the point).

    First question is this enough of a reason to exchange my Pre? If so, should I risk getting a new Pre, but with possibly more issues. I know this question sounds silly (what if the world blows up if I exchange my Pre?! Everything is a risk yada yada). But seriously, I've heard later Pre's being worse off than the June6th Pre's... some cases.

    Love to hear yalls opinions AND experiences. Would like to hear what the latest Pre (minus) reviews are.

    Thanks all, love the forums!
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    I had all kind of reception issues with my original pre, exchanged it 2 months ago thinking it was the radio antenna. (Later found out they where working on a tower after 2nd refurb had the same issues. Went through 3 refurbs since. The 1st got very hot while I was at the store, so, they gave me another while I was there. The 2nd was fine until I left the store and tried to make a call, the phone was stuck in headset mode right out of the refurbished box. Lesson learned, check the phone thoroughly before leaving the store. The 3rd was fine for about a month and a half, then the keyboard stopped working for no apparent reason. Went to exchange that and they gave me a brand new one which has been working flawless. I may have just had a string of bad luck. Do you have insurance? If you do exchange it, make sure you test everything before you leave. Btw,the newer pres are much lighter then the older models and also have a different colored center button.
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    Assuming you have insurance - my friend's power button did exactly that on her iPhone and my carrier (O2) replaced it overnight without any questions - but she was insured.

    If you're planning to claim on the manufacturer's warranty... well personally I think it should still qualify for a replacement - the button is broken and it impairs your ability to use the phone. The wake/sleep/power button is pretty important.

    I can't comment on the quality of the 'new edition' hardware... but personally I'd try for the exchange and hope for the best.
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    Yes I do have insurance. Well, sigh... I guess its a risk if I decide to exchange it. Its just I felt so lucky to have a June 6th pre that has (for the most part) been issue free... knock knock. I guess the most pleasing part is that my slider is no where near the horror stories I've read. What I gather from the boards is decline the refurbs and exchange for brand new pres, which I will do if I decide to exchange.

    TJC (or others), what is your review on the newer Pre (minus)'s slider (In general and compared your other pres)? Oh and what color is the center button now?

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    Personally, I wouldn't call Asurion. I'd call a Sprint tech center, and take it in with me. Compare the one you have to the one they want to replace it. If you're not comfortable with the replacement, ask them to try again. Repeat until either they get you one you want, or you get tired of repeating.

    I would not decline a refurb just because it's a refurb. I've had refurb Treo's in the past that were better than the new one I had received.
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    Well, I had 3 newer pres and one older model. Both brand new pres (newer models) the slider was great. Not too loose and not too tight. The older and newer model refurbs, the slider was very tight. Meaning, it was harder for me to open at times. There was alot more resistance in opening. Hope that helps. Don't know if there all the same though. Btw, I haven't experienced the oreo effect as others have and I open mine quite a bit.
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    The center button is more of a chrome then silver. I tried declining the refurb, spoke with several supervisors, even went as far as calling retention. Didn't work for me. Never got to speak with the store manager though, he never seemed to be available. You may want to try the store manager first.

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