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    I need to adjust these settings and have no command line there a GUI based piece of SSH software and editor that I can use?

    As far as I have read and understand once the device is in Dev mode one should be able to SSH and transport files in and out of the device?

    Thanks in Advance...
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    Want to insert Canadian FIDO Carrier information

    I have all of the required information once I reach that far

    WebOS Quick Install is not working and I am not the only one with this problem with Firmware Ver. 1.3.5.X
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    What does one do if the Carrier (in this case FIDO in Canada) does not exist in these CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 file?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rb2k View Post
    That might work out for your data (GPRS, EDGE) and mms but not sms, voicemail and 3G
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    How does one solve issues with SMS (no outbound and delay in incoming)?
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    Here is my Carrier Settings file....I've got to add Fido as a Carrier to this...can anyone help me? (change the extension from .zip to .db3)...Thanks in Advance...

    The settings are

    Username: fido
    Password: fido
    MMSC Proxy:
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    Since I haven't been able to look into and edit the file I wanted to post this CarrierSettings file as well as this one was given to me and apparently has the Fido settings on the bottom...maybe someone can check this one and edit my file accordingly for me to replace...I've tried uploading this one but it didn't work, maybe from an earlier firmware setting? Please remember to change the file extension from .zip to .db3
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    Here is my real file without Fido noted above change the file extension to db3
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    First off I want to thank you for taking the time and the effort to put that file together. Let me tell you exactly what I did so there are no error on my end.

    1. I downloaded your file and changed the extension to .db3
    2. I launched WebOS QI and launched the send file command
    3. Picked the file you made and sent it to /usr/lib/luna/
    4. I then used Internalz to copy the file out and then to my desktop
    5. Checked to see with SQLite whether WebOS QI worked and the appropriate file was there
    6. Appropriate file was there so I then pressed power and did a restart

    Unfortunately the data on the phone did not work, I then tried to manually input the settings again but got the "Unable to Write" error...this is all so disheartening...

    tomi666 - if you do find the time to write me a file from scratch I would sincerely appreciate it. Also it seems my voicemail number is +16478396178, this seems to be read from my SIM card fine but I thought I would give you this info just in case. I also think it may be better to edit the Rogers line rather than create a new entry for fido since they share the Canadian network I do not need them in the are the expert so whatever you think is best...
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    Sorry I realized I missed writing that in the steps I completed last night. I did in fact write it to both places...tried it about three times, WEBOSQI indicated I was successfull in writing it in both places each time. I pressed the power button and did a device "Restart" that the same as a "Reset"?
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    Also Just realized my MCC = 302 and my MNC = 370

    Carrier Name = "Fido"

    Also people talk about editing "/etc/ppp/options-gsm" What does this do and will I have to do this as well?
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    I unfortunately do not know how to use SQLite, I am decently tech savvy but this is taking me to a whole other uncomfortable level...sigh...
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    hey i live in pakistan and i use warid telecomm
    the settings are,
    APN: warid
    Username: not required
    Password: not required
    i just need to use GPRS so can anyone make a db3 file for me?
    any help would ne highly appreciated!
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    I live in India and i use vodafone
    my settings are
    Username=not required
    Password=not required
    can anyone edit these settings to carriernetworkdatabase.db3
    plzzz its very inportant.....

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