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    Do CEO's do anything themselves? Is there possibly a Homebrew minion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dbd View Post
    I suspect it would be a Motorola Star Tac, you know, to make up for the missing functionality on this phone.
    lmao, I had that phone I'm 9th grade.
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    Quote Originally Posted by draztikrhymez View Post
    lmao, I had that phone I'm 9th grade.
    I used to LOVE that phone!
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    I bet his mom uses patches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiddlekins View Post
    Does this list represent the best-of-the-best in terms of patches?

    I am not trying to be incendiary, I am honestly curious. Because if so, I do not feel like I am missing out on anything at all. Are there other patches, not on this list, that offer more impressive functionality? Some of these strike me as entirely pointless. For instance, why in the world would I even care how many characters I have entered in the messaging application when the phone does such a lovely job of splitting things into multiple SMS messages, when you can already see how many messages are going to be sent, and when character counts aren't even slightly applicable for IM conversations?
    I don't know if that is a good representative list, but there are some nice patches. Wouldn't say they are essential, but they do make the customizing of the phone pretty nice. I really like the 4x4 icons and adding another launcher page. I also really like the "close on hangup except with headset". Necessary? Nah... But nice to have. Character counter is nice (because split SMS messages suck when they are out of order, even with the 1/2 and 2/2 tag). So many things that are nice to have, but to me it's more making the Pre suit me and how I want to use it. I have a bunch of them now, but that's not to say a stock Pre isn't still nice.
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    Probably no patches but definitely running experimental version 3.0.1 which has every option patches offer now anyway.
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