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    I got an internal crack in the touchscreen on my pre (#3) in December. I took it in to the store and they ordered me a replacement. I received the replacement several days later and put the old phone in Sprints return envelope and mailed it off. On this months bill they are charging me for the broken phone. I called customer service and they claim they never received the phone, and they don't have tracking on their return envelopes. They said they will give me a credit when the phone arrives. For a phone mailed 2 weeks before Christmas I would think the hopes for this are slim. I've been a sprint mobile customer for 13 years now. Any suggestions beyond calling "retention"?
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    Thats why when you send back a phone you always write down the tracking number
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    Someone longer at Sprint than me, that's a long time.

    Some time back this happened to me, a phone I sent back was never received. I was following up frequently to make sure they received it and they never did. At some point I began to address the issue of them charging me for the phone in my phone calls to them. They initially started acting like this was going to happen. "Whats the tracking number" they asked. I could not provide that to them as the return materials do not supply you with any receipt or anything to keep and I had not written it down. I simply pointed out to them that I followed their process described in the return instructions precisely. Those instructions did not include me documenting my sending the phone back, like keeping tracking numbers or getting a receipt from the shipping company (I believe it was the post office). I explained that it was not my problem the shipper lost the phone. If you can show me somewhere that I failed to perform, be my guest, charge me, if you can't, then legally you can't charge me, as you cannot show me where I failed to perform.

    They never charged me for the phone and as far as I know they never got it either.

    You can bet, however, that if I ever have to send a phone back again, its getting documented.
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    I had the same run around with sprint a while back with a return of a phone that took a couple of months for them to receive. Because it doesn't even get mailed back to sprint it gets mailed to asurian the insurance provider. So I believe I called them and had to hound them to find it.
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    I just dealt with this/am dealing with this too. 1st off, there is a tracking number on the envelope....just isn't obvious. 2nd, if they never receive the phone and decide to charge you they will NOT refund the money. I went 10 rounds with all levels of "customer care" and got all the way up to a 2nd level supervisor in cancellations/retentions and still was told the same thing. They said until they received the device I would be charged and there would not be a credit. I took the same route as the previous poster who said that they followed all the instructions and the shipper losing it wasn't my problem. They disagreed. I finally talked to the mailman and he took apart the mailbox at my apartment complex and found the envelope in there. Now, 3 weeks later, still no credit, even after sprint has confirmed they HAVE received my old phone.
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    I deaalt with this about 6 months ago. If you need to get the tracking # just call and have them call the warehouse. they have the tracking # in the system, then they can track the package
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    Sorry to hear that you're getting the run around

    If you need to replace your phone again, I suggest that next time you go to a sprint repair store and have them order you a new phone and have it delivered to the store. When the new phone comes in, you do the swap at the store. Then it's on sprints hands if they "lose" the phone in shipment.
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    Thanks guys for your insight. I'm going to give them a call tonight and see if I can get anywhere with another rep.
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    Well...I called again today and they finally credited my account. Also, for all the hassle they are giving me $30 off my plan per month for the next 2 years!
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    Nice! Glad it worked out for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksfireman82 View Post
    Well...I called again today and they finally credited my account. Also, for all the hassle they are giving me $30 off my plan per month for the next 2 years!
    $30 off a month for the next 2 years?! that's WELL worth it !

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