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    Just had to switch out to a replacement pre and lost Radiotime, now when I go into the app catalog I cannot find it. Help please.
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    It's there but I think you have to browse for it. Go to Explore: Music: Radio and it's the first app.
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    Okay, tried that and still not there. Can't figure out why this is missing.
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    Yeah, there is something wrong with the App Catalog. I think they mistakenly set RadioTime to only be available to the Palm Pixi.

    If you go to the website, it is there in the Music area, here is the link:

    Palm USA | Palm webOS Applications | Mobile apps that go further.

    Someone needs to notify Palm about the problem.


    PS I'm trying to find out a number to call Palm to inform them.
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    I was wondering why, when I tried to update it today, I got an "incompatible with your device" message!
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    I got the same error. It probably did get sent to the Pixi.

    [or in my mind, it was a 1.4 only update or something ;D ]
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    There was a mix up that caused it only to get sent out to the Palm Pixi. The update, which includes a little sleep timer, will be sent down to the Palm Pre within a day or so. It's already been escalated over at Palm.


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