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    Years ago just before broadband at home, some pc users would take 2 56k dial-up accounts and somehow merge them together to nearly double their internet speeds.

    Is something like that possible tethering 2 sprint phones together on my laptop to increase my internet speed?
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    nothing like that is available yet, heck the tethering isn't fully working. Merging two 56k modems would not give you double the speed, rather the packets would be broken up and that would require a lot of smart networking skills to rearrange the packets.
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    Merging 2 56k modems was known as "shotgunning". It established an MLPPP session, which allowed the two to work together as one 112kbps pipe. It did give you double the speed.

    The difference between doing that and "linking" two 3g devices together is that the shotgunned modems appeared as one networking device to the OS. In the case of 2 3G devices, it would appear to be two separate connections.

    Your options, from a networking perspective, - provided you have the ability to connect to both devices at the same time (say, via USBNet) - are either to load balance on your device, which would give you twice the theoretical bandwidth, but still the same throughput for a single connection (although things like bittorrent could probably make use of both), or both you and the provider would have to have some mechanism in place to equally load balance across the circuits via something akin to MLPPP.

    In short, it's really not possible at the moment.

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