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    I have a Pre, which I love very much. I have it running at 600 mhz via the LunaSysMgr patch, and the speed improvement is outrageous. My girlfriend has the Pixi (despite my protests, but she doesn't like sliders) and it's a little bit pokey. Is it possible to overclock the Pixi as well? My initial research indicates that the CPUs are different, but Wiki specs indicate that the Pixi is already running at 600 mhz, albeit on a less sophisticated processor. Can anyone fill me in as to whether it's possible to overclock the Pixi and a little more info regarding CPU differences?
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    Yes if you want to rewrite the kernals to allow it.
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    Got it. So the Pixi is NOT underclocked natively as the Pre is. Thanks.
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    That is not what I said, you asked if it was possible to overclock the pixi. If it was underclocked it wouldn't be considered overclocking it to return it to the baseline (as is considered true in the Pre going from 500 to 600) however to overclock means to go beyond the specs of the processor (generally an expected gain of 3% -15%) that would indicate around a reported ~660Mhz, which is not possible as you would need to rewrite the kernel to allow this kind of behavior as has been done in android in some cases.

    I have no idea if the Pixi is underclocked

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