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    I moved to an area that doesn't offer 3g for sprint. I still feel its kinda odd that verizon has it though. I love sprint but i do miss 3g
    I vaguely recall that you have some recourse from the provider if you move to an area where their service has degraded. E.g. you can get out of the contract w/o an ETF if they no longer offer you the same level of service when you agreed to the contract. But IANAL, so YMMV.

    That said, depending on your requirements, it's possible to get Verizon more cheaply than Sprint. I created a document here, and an interactive spreadsheet here. You might want to see if you can get on VZW for less than Sprint. In which case, it's a no brainer to switch. Better service, less price? Why not switch?

    OTOH, if VZW is more expensive for you (like it seems to be for many) then you have a decision. Which do you like more: $X/mo in savings or 3G? Personally, I'd probably lean towards the 3G, but that would depend on how big $X was. For X < $10, I'd probably take 3G.
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    Quote Originally Posted by as4life View Post
    So today I went into a Verizon store to check out the Palm Pre Plus. What I found was that Verizon has EVDO service in my area (Sprint doesn't). I've been with sprint for several years now, do you guys think it would be a good jump in my situation? BTW I'm on the 1500 family plan with sprint.
    I'd switch on over to V today. Pre without 3G sounds like a nightmare. Like browsing the Internet with dial up, technically possible but completely nuts . Smart phones require 3G.
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    Quote Originally Posted by echto View Post
    Wait until Sprint partners with Apple and you'll be able to get a WiMax iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    I'm the odd man out for 3G, I guess. This is my first phone with 3G because up until this I was using the Treo680 on AT&T with none. Now I feel dirty. Like i just admitted I lost my virginity to a couch or something... I should have upgraded long ago, but I'm happy now on Sprint.
    LOL, a couch. Sorry, I had to laugh.
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    the ipad is a good "idea" , the way they went around it isnt.....
    medical textbooks are HUGE! having this alone, would be much easier! however i still prefer paper, i can scribble and write my number down! (on somebody else's book lol)
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    Quote Originally Posted by peabrain View Post
    the ipad is a good "idea" , the way they went around it isnt.....
    The iPad isn't an "idea". It's a tablet PC. They've been around for years, nobody gave a damn. They were nerdy and stupid. Now that Apple has one, they're trendy. Or rather, not "they're". Apple's is. All other brand selling fully-featured tablets will sell even worse now that Apple has one with crippled features.
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