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    I am having the same problem. In addition my phone randomly shuts off (no it is not a loose battery). This happens about once or twice a day. I do multiple battery pulls until it will restart normal without the frozen Palm startup screen.
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    Leave the battery out for 10 or 15 minutes then retry it.

    I have a feeling that there is some volatile memory in the Pre charged by a capacitor or something that doesn't get cleared when you pull the battery out and put it back too soon.

    Seems goofy, but I've been where you are and leaving the battery out for a while did the trick.

    Edit: and I found this happened when I had one of the 500 MHz SmartReflex packages installed. Since I took that off, I hadn't had the issue. Used to happen a few times a week, haven't seen it since removing the patch two weeks ago.
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    My phone has been doing the same thing! My Pre will either start to run really slow, get frozen on the camera, or the sound will randomly stop working... so i restart to to make it run smoother. But it gets stuck on the non flashing PALM screen. It will stay like that for about 2 hours until the battery decides to die. Its the most frustrating thing! My phones actually stuck on that screen as we speak. uggghhhhh.
    Any suggestions?
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    well got lucky went into sprint threw a fit when they told me it would be a few days and they gave me a brand new pre so i guess it was a blessing in disguise
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    well got lucky went into sprint threw a fit when they told me it would be a few days and they gave me a brand new pre so i guess it was a blessing in disguise
    That's GREAT. Okay.
    Good work.
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    Now my phone won't start at all. About 15 battery pulls. Phoneless till I go to Sprint tomm.
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    and unless you make a big deal it will be around 3 days after that
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    Did you all try holding orange+sym+r? That worked when my wife was having a similar problem. Good luck!
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    This happen to me today as well. iI used caj2008 advice and it worked great. Thank You For That...
    My HTC Evo Is Great...
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    3rd Pre here we come. Last time my Pre was still usable. But I got a refurb next day. If they try to play me I wont be happy.
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    I went to the sprint store and made a big deal and all they would do is order me a refurb which will take 3 days. I'm not happy, in fact not happy doesn't even begin to describe it. I called customer service and was funneled through every department only to be told the same thing over and over again. Sprint will replace it through Assurion for $100 and they'll over night it, but since it was of no fault of my own they'll send me one for no charge but it'll take 3 business days. Been with Sprint forever (Well several years but it seems like forever). I even tossed out the whole, now that Pre's on Verizon maybe I should see what they have to offer and all I got was "I'm sorry you feel that way, it's still gonna be 3 days."
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    i got out of my contract so theye really gotta work to keep me and they know it i think its too late now but you should give it a try
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    They offered me a meager $25 credit, I said fantastic that'll cover my starbucks while I lose 100 times that much when I miss my first phone call in the morning.
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    I'm gonna go back to the store tomorrow and throw a stink until I get a new phone or arrested.
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    Well, just as an update for those who might be curious. I couldn't get the doctor to even recognize my phone, I tried the whole battery pull volume button shenanigans and still nada.So after my headache with sprint I thought I'd give it one last go and open webos quickinstall. Just for giggles and grins I fired up the doctor via quickinstall and it worked. It's currently updating all my apps and what not from the cloud. Thank god for webosquickinstall, I wouldn't have made it three days without my phone.
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    I did what darth mo said to do, and it works. Take the battery out for 10-15 minutes.
    That's it.
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    Had my Pre since June, but have only had the problem 6-8 times. Don't change batteries very often, but almost without fail, when I change batteries or pull the battery, I get a Black screen.
    The only salvation is to apply a power source. It can either be a Touchstone or the usb. But that seems to do the trick!
    It is a real problem when you are traveling (ie on the plane), because the is no outside power available to jump start it, so to speak. Have to wait to get in the terminal.
    If it doesn't start fairly quick once i have done that then I pull the battery for 45 seconds and apply outside power again. Has never failed to start that way.
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    A pattern that I'm noticing on this is when the phone is stuck at the palm logo, pull the battery. Before turning the phone on connect it to a PC with a USB and after a couple minutes it will boot. I've seeen this on atleast a dozen phones. It always seems to work for me....
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    I had something similar happen to me the other day, but with a twist lol! So my gf calls me and I can't hear anything out of the receiver nor can she hear me. So I hang up and we do that a couple more times. I decide to restart. Phone freezes at palm logo. I pull the battery again and leave it out for 30 minutes or so. Put it back in, same thing. So as I let it sit there it dies. I plug it in to the charger via usb and it reboots. However, when it reboots I still don't get any volume. And yes I tried all the tricks with the headphones and mute and this and that blah blah still didn't work. I've had this phone since launch and it's done some other very quirky things in the past. So, I remove my patches, do a full erase and take it to sprint. And just like you guys, I won't have a refurb one until tomorrow, day number 3.

    Oh, and some of you might be wondering, what are these other quirky things, well, I've plugged it in at night with plenty of batter (I'm talking more than 20%) and when I woke up it was completely dead. Wouldn't turn on or respond to battery pulls. The only thing that worked, wipe the connectors where the battery touches and turn it back on. That worked and when it would turn back on it would have 60something%. That happend twice. So between that and not having a speaker I decided to get a new one.
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