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    So I've been following this site for a while now and have been interested in upgrading to a Pre since it's come out. I've been with sprint forever and love their plans. My 2 year agreement is finally up and I'm able to get the Pre finally.

    My dilemma is that the new Pre Plus is 149.99 on Verizon and Sprint is charging the same amount for the regular Pre. I don't really want to wait 5/6 months (june'ish) for a new sprint Pre to come out, but i just can't justify spending the same amount on an old pre when i could get a Pre Plus.

    Does anyone know if Sprint will offer the Pre for less if you call, or if any rumors about Sprint lowering their price for the Pre? Or any other options to get a Sprint Pre for less than the Pre Plus?

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    nope youre better off buying a pre cheap off ebay and waiting till june with your upgrade
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    Don't forget to fully research the cost of the plan you'll have to sign up for 2 years to get either Pre.

    In all but a few rare cases, Sprint will be far cheaper over the length of your contract than Verizon. Remember that the true "cost" of the phone should not be measured in handset price alone.
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    I fully know the prices... I know Sprint is cheaper, that's why I'm with them.

    My issue is that the "cost" of the Sprint Pre is the same (149.99) with 2 year deal as the Verizon Pre Plus. My dilemma is that I don't want to spend 150 bucks when the other carrier is selling an Improved device for the same price. It's like would you buy a ps2 for the price of the PS3?
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    no its not like that its like buying the ps3 for the same price as ps3 slim
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    radioshack has it for $80.
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    I see ppl on here selling for 200 and less for a new pre.. Do that then upgrade in june.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    radioshack has it for $80.
    Not according to their website. It's $130 to upgrade there.
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    Looks like bestbuy has it online for 99.99... that might be my best find... now if only they will do that price in store.
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    they wont
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    indeed. Maybe call them to see if they can give it to you for $80. Ur contract is up after all.
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    wal mart has it for 98.88 in store for upgrade or new line same price
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    they wont
    He's right Sprint stores won't budge on the prices. So I went to BB and bought the pre upgrade for $99, easy and no problems.
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    At this point, I'd recommend you either wait, or buy a Pre on ebay, so you're eligible for an upgrade in June (or thereabouts). I suspect we'll be seeing a new device on Sprint about then.

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