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  • I came from a regular phone this is my first smartphone got it cause it looked nice.

    6 9.38%
  • I am a business person and use email, calender, buiness heavily.

    26 40.63%
  • I text,email,surf the web heavily, play games listen to music type user

    32 50.00%
  • I am under 18 i just text a lot and use the web phone and os looked to me.

    0 0%
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    I was just wondering what kind of people purchased this phone.
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    Average joe.
    Current Phone(s): HTC Inspire "4G" & Pre 2
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    Average Danny here. Addicted to Precentral Forum (see- i'm here right now)
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    slightly more than average but hardly a power player
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    I use the phone for both, sync all of outlook mail/contacts/events to google and sync that to my phone, and make sure to have some of the games, and also do some development on the side for my own personal needs with the phone.
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    BTW, OP:

    How exactly are you defining "average"?
    And aren't there other very serious occupations out there that have nothing to do with being a "businessman"?
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    i was in the middle of making a poll didnt realize people were already replying. Now i know more than one may apply but just wondering whats the primary reason you bought it. As for myself this is my first smartphone.
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    I didn't vote because I'm a combination of the first three. I came from a feature phone and use the pre for work and play.
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    Vote for the primary reason. I know there can be a combination but i am asking whats more important work or play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gregcolon3 View Post
    i was in the middle of making a poll didnt realize people were already replying. Now i know more than one may apply but just wondering whats the primary reason you bought it. As for myself this is my first smartphone.
    I came from winmo smartphones, then i got this Pre, then i was disappointed all summer, then i complained complained complained (see my post count ), then i said to myself "well at least i like the card interface", then i succummed to the "maybe just one more update" hope.
    Hence, i'm here, tapping my fingers, waiting....... waiting...... waiting... for that update.
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    a mix in between

    this is my first smartphone, but i use it heavy for calender, tasks, notes and email (mostly for university and politics, i'm a pirate party member, and heavily invested in this stuff)

    but i also use it alot for webbrowsing, tethering (wohoo mobile hotspot, and no tethering limitations from o2 germany), and when the games become available to us europeans, i will also purchase some of them.

    but most important atm is email/texting and work related stuff.
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    Above average user. Some business and use full time web user. I use to print invoices with my older palm. Would love to do it with the pre.
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    I would consider myself a power user. I don't rely on the phone for business, though I do sync to my work exchange account. So not an average Joe, not a business user, not a kid, not my first phone, I guess the heavy data user is me.
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    Business user here. Still inadequate as a full on business device which is why I still have my blackberry. If they make sound profiles more robust and fix text editing and copy paste i'm all in
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    Power user
    I triage about 100 emails a day for work Exchange Outlook
    I use JOTT, Evernote, Toodledo for productivity.
    Calendar and alerts is a must
    I keep in contact with my techs and secretary via sms.
    blog work journal as I go

    Facebook, post and send pictures regularly
    Music in the car
    Calendar vitally important
    Gmail and contacts
    Toodledo for productivity
    Use Pre camera all the time
    Workout tracker
    Sports and News

    Had Smart phones for many years. Since Visorphone, which I consider the first.
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    I am slightly more than an average Joe. I could not find a category to put myself in. I am under 18, but i did hours of research before picking a phone, lucky it was the pre, i do not know what i would have done without it, it is extremely useful for my scheduale going back and forth from school and work.
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    My name is Joe but im anything but average
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    I'm definitely a power user & I have always had a smartphone.....

    Between my 3 exchange accounts & 1 personal account - I receive over a 100 emails a day & send, reply & forward about half of them from my PRE.

    Love the calendar view, makes my life so easy to view & add events..

    I'm also one who wants it all & loves to play games, watch tv & surf the web when my day is over.
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    I voted business user only because it's the reason I have a smartphone. I've been a long time blackberry user, and made the switch to WebOS happily. I do however text, email, surf and listen to music as well, but only because I can. My phones primary function is still to make/receive calls, keep my calendar and contacts in order, and e-mail as fast as possible Palm and Synergy FTW.

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