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    My screen goes black and freezes when I have low battery and I plug it in to a wall charger.

    I have no controls, cant turn off or on. Tried all the tricks like orange+sym+R. and the hold power while switching hold on and off.

    Nothing works, I have to end up taking out battery and putting it back in. It then loads up with Plam logo then (i think) freezes again. I know palm takes awhile to load up, but there is no flashing logo, and ive waited quite awhile one time it happened. I have to do the orange+sym+R for it to restart and load correctly.

    Has anyone heard of this happening? Any reason this would be happening?

    Should I just doctor it or what?

    Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Maybe ur goin' "toofast4urownazz".
    Didja try another battery?
    If you have an old centro, i heard those work in the Pre.
    Try somebody elses battery if you could.
    How long has it been doing this?
    Does it happen every time?
    Is it a new phone?
    How long are you keeping it in the wall outlet?
    Maybe try another outlet?
    Try to narrow it down between power supply, the phone and the battery.
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    I happen to have 2 palm oem chargers, one at my house one at my girls place.

    So i can take the charger its self and wall outlet off the list of culprits.

    Its just recently been doing it, since newest palm update.

    Btw, may be unrealated, but i install patches on my pre and the patch for the virtual keyboard errored out for me and wont install. (the virtual keyboard patch has failed to install before in the past, i had to do something, like a fix to get it clean to install it again, i havent done that fix this time for the V-keyboard, cuz i forgot what the fix was lol).

    Unfortunately I do not have any spare batteries at my disposal.

    I figure ill just doctor it, then start fresh and install patches and everything else again. and see if the problem goes away if it doesn't, it may be a battery or phone problem.. =/
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    Ok. Good idea. Good luck.
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    I doubt that Doctoring does you any good. Both my mother and my wife have had this issue on their Pres (and I've heard it's a known issue from one of the techs who gave us the last fix) and only one has been fixed [since we didn't know about this fix from my Mom's tech].
    Apparently, the batteries on a whole batch of Pres that were made in China were bad and causing these issues. The last tech ordered a battery that was made in Korea [I may be mixing the places up, but the concept is right] and she hasn't had the same issue since. I was skeptical, because I had a spare Pre with an extra battery and had tried it with no joy. But he looked at that battery and found that it was one of the bad OEM ones.
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    oh its a known isssue? so battery replacement was free, right?

    btw, is there a main thread for this issue, i couldn't find anything on this problem.
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    i'm having the same problem. since monday my phone sometimes just shuts off and wont restart at all unless i take out the battery and put it back in. also, my battery drains like crazy, even if i'm not using it. i turned off bluetooth, all IM things, and set all email to manual. it's got good reception, but wont hold a charge for more than a few hours. and i have two different batteries... so ***?
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    ok, Doctoring it did NOT fix the problem..

    I will see if sprint will swap battery out for me..
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    The first time this happened my battery WAS low...screen went black. NOTHING would work to get it back. I plugged it into the wall charger and left it for hours. I unplugged it. Still nothing. Kept trying buttons. Finally it came back on...but the battery said it was still almost dead. Plugged it in again...all good hours later.

    the second time this happened my battery had a full full it was GREEN. I made one text and it went black. Same deal. Plugged it into the wall. Left it for hours. The Palm screen came up this time while it was charging (after about two hours). I figured it was charged after about 3-4 so unplugged it. Got it to come on again and it was DEAD still so had to plug it in again to get a charge. ***??!!! REALLY??!!! How does it go from full green battery to being dead? Really super irritating. And I know (assume) that it was a full battery because I had just gotten it off the charger before having to put it back on again due to black screen for the whole rest of the f'ing day.

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