OK, first of all, my apologies. I know there are at least two more threads about this, but I'm going to start a new one anyone. Write it off to "Old guy who's been here for ever, pushing his way around" if you want, but this one got my attention. The other two threads basically said this feature isn't working, but my wife's experience leads me to question it.

First, a little background. I'm the gadget geek in the family. My wife is pretty computer literate (probably out of survival mode, since being around me she'd probably not understand half of what I say if she wasn't somewhat so), but she's never been much of a gadget person. For the most part, she's taken my "last device" each time I've updated a PDA. The two exceptions were her Centro and now the Pixi she got late last month.

However, she doesn't much keep up with everything they do, and she doesn't follow the forums. I doubt she's ever seen Roger MacNamee or has any idea who he is. In short, I have no reason to think she would have heard about this somewhere else.

So, Tuesday of last week, she tells me:

My phone (a Pixi) did the the weirdest thing. I was in North Dallas, and about 15 minutes away from an appointment that was due in 10 minutes, and it popped up with a message asking me if I wanted to email them and let them know I was going to be late.

When she said this, I was dumbstruck. I thought this was one of Roger Mac's "pie in the sky alien technology" things that could be done, but hadn't yet. I got more details from her, and these are some of the pertinent things (I think).

  • She had the location in her appointment.
  • She was actively running Google Maps at the time (I seldom use Google Maps, and use Sprint Navigation instead)
  • At 15 minutes out, she had an alarm set. She chose Snooze on the alarm. 5 minutes later, she got the prompt.
  • Though she can't remember the exact wording of the prompt, or the email, she was prompted with a canned email to send. She changed it a little, and sent it on. Basically, it included a message that she was late, and the estimated time. She changed it to show she was going to be on time at 12:30 (she got the message at 12:20, and sent the email at 12:22).

Has anyone else seen the "I'm going to be late" feature, or has my wife gotten a very special Pixi as a reward for putting up with me for a decade and half?

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