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    I have to say, I have ragged Palm a lot on here about the build issues I've gone through with both of my Pre's... that said I have to say when this thing works, boy it is a pleasure to use. WebOS just makes doing many things at the same time so easy and seamless it sometimes catches me off guard and creates an 'awe' moment.

    The greatness of WebOS is the reason even the light leakage issue I have can be overlooked, because the fluidity of how everything works just makes you feel that good.

    Ok, just wanted to get that out
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    Second that. My Pre is my first smart phone and and I am often overwhelmed by how effortlessly it can do so many cool things. It's really a joy to use (except when the occasional hiccup occurs, thankfully fewer and farther between these days.) And just as overwhelming is the tremendous effort of the modding community!
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    i'm stuck with a motorola q until my pre retuns and boy is webOS better than WM 5.

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