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    I know there are some Chicagoans on the forum. I held off downloading the CTA Tranzit app because you couldn't save your "favorite"/most frequently used bus stops. They just rolled out an update that allows you to do that, finally making the app worth $2 (compared to using the CTA's browser-based service).

    I couldn't find release notes anywhere on any of the updates, so I bought the app and just kept hoping for an update to roll out with this functionality, and I wanted everyone to know (either if you're using the app or were holding off on buying it) that it's here! Hurrah!
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    That is great news for us Chi-towners. This thread should be moved to the applications forum so everyone sees it who may have this app.
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    I read about the update on the homepage of precentral and updated right away. Great job.
    Though I do wish the program would also give a nice graphic using googlemaps to show where the bus is in real time. I know, I know, complain complain complain.

    Love the app though.

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