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    Does anyone in the uk have problems with using the browser not on wifi but with an o2 data connection. I mean first off, am i the only one that barly gets 3g signal..even when other o2 phones have full signals?

    Anyway the problem i get the most now a days is where the browser wont load any webpages and just say its connecting, Im trying to work out if its a pre problem or o2 problem.
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    after 1.3.1 i have the same error every now and then, and my signal is usually lower than my previous phones, so i think there might be an issue with the phone
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    I get a "cannot load page" error very occasionally (German Pre on Virgin Mobile UK) - but that seems to be more related to DNS and proxy than anything on the phone itself. I've never had the symptoms you describe.
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    Never had this problem not before not after version. Try doctor if not then speak with O2.
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    I appear to get less of a 3g signal with my Pre compared to my E71, both on O2 contracts, i have had the browser error a couple of times necessitating a restart, wifi is fine.
    I believe from reading on here it got worse after the latest update so nag at Palm to get the message thru?
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    Hm...removed some patches and its stopped the hanging. But every other google search google goes to some other language..(looks german) and some things like google drop down options never open

    (on 3g)
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    i have seen a friends do the German google results. Not sure why
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    #8 no patches, no homebrew, no problems
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    No problems here. Plenty of patches. Have my phone set to use opendns on wifi.....and works the same both on wifi 3G

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