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    I've had my Pre since launch and for the past week, it's been showing the wrong times. This always seems to happen early in the mornings, Pacific time. Like this morning, the Pre said is was 1am, but the actual time was 6am.

    What's going on?

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    go into the date/time app (should be page 3 of the apps) and make sure network time is set to on and also time zone is correct.
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    that don't work, I've evan taken it off network time and set it my self it still falls behind I've reset it with the same out come, I've evan done a full erase and still the problem won't go away. I checked the apps deleted alot and evan updated the prl. I have 2 Pixi's 2 Pre's and one treo pro on my account. One of the Pre's and one of the Pixi's are having this problem like crazy as of this last week.

    I am also Pacific Time can someone please help before I ***** up a storm at sprint. My girlfriend missed her class last week because the phone was telling her the wrong time.
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    I had the same problem, but after a WebOS doctor repair. I thought it was the firmware I used, doctored it again, and it still was in trouble.

    After much thinking I got it, I had installed a patch after the two recoveries, Quiet Powerd Messages. After I removed it everything went back to normal!!
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    I had my first Pre since launch, which had to be replaced on Jan 1st due to a stuck power button, and both the original and the new Pre's have a tendency to show a time that is up to ten min faster than the correct time. I have found that restarting Java in Luna manager gets the time to display correctly. Hope this helps.
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    That has happened to me after each upgrade for some odd reason. The next day it is always off...I just need to do a couple of restarts and that usually takes care of the issue. Also if you have installed any patches and it started to happen, uninstall them to see if that makes a difference.
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