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    How do I fix it so it does not read ringtones as music files?
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    Well first I would say make sure your ringtone files, (mp3's) are located in your ringtones folder on your Pre. If they are in your music folder, that may cause them to be played as songs.

    But, when looking around MY pre, to see where my music vs ringtones were, I stumbled upons something interesting/wierd.

    I know we no longer can synch with itunes, but if you ever have, then the songs, mp3 or m4a files are no longer easily located in a search on your pre. I discovered this, when I opened my music folder and saw only a few songs that I recently added via USB.

    ALLLLL the music I added via an iTunes synch, back when we could do it, I could not find, yet I know it plays. I did a Windows wild card search, for *.mp3, I did a file name search, NOTHING. But once I started looking thru folders, I found them , in sub folders under the now greyed out itunes folder.

    I know thats probably more info that you were looking for, but I found it somehow related, and intereresting to share..
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    There is no real difference between a ringtone file and a music file. As far as the phone is concerned, MP3s are MP3s. Make sure that all your ringtones are in the official ringtones folder. If your ringtones are in the official folder, then more educated people than I will need to advise you.

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