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    First of all, I'm not fully sure if this is the right place to post this. If it isn't, I'd appreciate if a mod could move the thread.

    I tried to overclock my Pre to 600mhz yesterday. The script didn't execute correctly and something broke. Yadda yadda webOSdoctor, right? Right. So I did that. When the doctoring was done however, not all was right: for one, I still have icons for apps I downloaded from preware. Is it really backing those up to the Palm profile? And if so, why isn't my Quake working?

    That's not even the issue. I understand that the doctor is supposed to wipe your device. Mine wasn't wiped at all. I still have all my music and all my pictures on the drive. That's pretty cool, but there's one problem: all of my PATCHES still appear in preware. How did THEY survive the doctor? What's more, I don't think they're just in preware because closing the slider still ends calls and I still have four launcher pages (but only 3x3 icons instead of 4x3 which is installed). Of course, neither Preware nor WOQI can uninstall any of those patches, they simply error out telling me they're not there. EPR errors out as well.

    What do I do now? Doctor again, hoping to have it fixed now? I kinda don't wanna do that though... I only got my pre back from repairs last week and when my palm profile backed up, some apps that I did have before the repairs (apps like fliqnotes which were available in Germany before but aren't anymore) didn't return... but they're all back NOW! I would hate to lose them again with another doctor.

    Any ideas, folks?

    <edit> uuuuh, yeah. I swear to dog I searched the forums before posting this, but it figures that I'd find something pertinent AFTER posting. Of course all is well now. Disregard this thread.
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