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    hey all. I picked up the Pre Plus on launch day and I noticed that my Pre Plus gets REALLY hot really quickly. It gets hot when I'm charging it, and when I'm doing even the slightest of phone usage (nothing heavy, just messaging).

    And I know the battery life isn't supposed to be so great, but because of how hot it is, I'm beginning to suspect that my battery life is a lot shorter than it should be.

    Is this an issue that I should worry about? Should I get it replaced and see how that works or is this typical behavior with most newer Pre's as well?
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    I'd say really hot is an issue. My Pre Plus gets warm, same as my Pre did, but not hot.
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    The only related complaints I remember reading about is when the Pre is on a TouchStone charger. It's normal for mine to get warm during extended usage but not hot. I would have Verizon take a look at it, the techs wouldn't have a problem just swapping out the battery. You do have the option of swapping out the whole phone within the first 30 days, but try the battery first.
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    check location services and make sure all gps is turned off
    'really hot' may suggest a program is running in the background

    if you have yahoo email, disable it for now

    then come back and tell us what happened
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    The back of my launch day sprint pre is pretty hot after taking it off the touchstone. it also can get pretty warm after using it heavily for a bit. Its done this since i got it, and ive never had a problem. Its kinda hard to tell on a forum whether its getting hot from use/charging, or internal problems.

    Id try some of the suggestions mentioned, and see if it stays cooler, if not, take it into Verizon and see what they say. Hope it all works out for you, and you enjoy WebOS
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    I recently got rid of my home landline and use my Pre 100% for all calls--and I'm on the phone a LOT during the day as a recruiter for a large corporation. I'm usually on speakerphone. Yep, mine get's quite warm for sure. Nothing I'm worried about, but an observation for sure. At least I can charge it throughout the day and never have to worry about battery life. Since the micro USB slot is universal to several of my past phones, I am stocked up on chargers! I have them everywhere! :-)
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    Just a thought, but my Treo 750 gets hot when I'm on a call for longer than 5 mins.
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    I have a Pre that's a month old. It has the same problem, it gets hot when I'm charging with the original miniusb charger. I just now turned off WiFi and Bluetooth. I'll see if this makes a difference.
    The problem is this: what's is considered "hot" and what is "warm"?
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    My Treo and iPhone got warmer but not nearly the same.
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    My Pre Plus on O2 gets VERY hot at random; this morning it was so hot it was burning my leg through my trouser pocket. A quick look in top showed the load average was over 9 which a quick reboot fixed and returned it to its usual cool feel.

    As this happens quite a bit, is there anything I can check? It isn't hacked with a different kernel nor runs any background music apps. I do have ActiveSync and imap polling turned on, but I'd expect it to be hot all the time if this was the cause.

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