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    I don't even dial people from the phone app, so, eh. The fastest way to really call someone is through universal search - either their speed dial number or just start typing their name and press enter. Also, if you want to text them instead, you can press the SMS icon next to their number.
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    sure.. we know all that. and yeah, universal search is great (allthoug mine is currently not working, its getting blocked by my launcher pages, dont know why) for almost anything that you want to get to!
    but still it includes sliding out the keyboard. which (as so many ppl have reminded us) is really not so much of a big deal, but definitely slower than not pulling it out.
    i mean, when you are in a car, driving and want to phone somebody for example, then it would be nice if you did not have to use the keyboard..
    i think this t9 search is a basic feature that should be included, as even crappy windows phones can do it and it is (even if all pre-world seems not to think so) the fastest way to call anybody.

    i cant believe, somany ppl are so damn in love with their pre, that they cant admit it has some flaws! i do love my pre aswell, its the best phone ive ever had and outrules winmo-xda-**** by faaaaaar, but it must be possible to name disadvantages it has without ppl getting personal (this does not adress the last two posts! you were kind and only trying to give helpful information!)..

    some pre owners seem to me like some (fortunately not all!!!) skateboarders that like to hate everything else that has wheels and is not a skateboard. so stubborn..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbode View Post
    LOL! I would ROFLMAO if the reply was yes to any of those
    Edited, because I did eventually see your answer, all the same:

    The fastest way (in my opinion) to select a user is (assuming you have a lot of contacts) is to type on the keyboard their first initial, and then begin typing their last name. When I have to open my keyboard, I do it one-handed with my thumb. This is a pretty fast system.

    As to the post about not admitting a flaw, this has nothing to do with that. It has to do with using the phone the way it was designed. The presence of physical keyboard, and the absence of a (factory provided) virtual keyboard makes it clear this was a phone designed to be used with the physical keyboard.
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    If it is someone you call frequently, why not just go to your call history?
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