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    What ever happen to being able to group msm/text? Dont you think a pda phone should have this function standard? My palm 700wx and 750 were able to do it. You finally fixed the capability to foward text and forgot about the group msm/text. I dont understand why we have so many senceless apps and have not created one for this function. Are we ever going to have this capability? I know blackberry's can do it among several other phones.
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    is this for real? Go to your messaging app, click the plus icon on the bottom left, type names and hit send. RTFM! Oh, and it's MMS.
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    Hmm? Its in the messaging app? -_-' Just keep on adding.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LupeValenz View Post
    Hmm? Its in the messaging app? -_-' Just keep on adding.
    hmmmmmm? I think he wants to click on one group ad 1 click to send to a whole group..... Hmmmm, not clicking on 5 different names and the plus sign each time.... hmmmmm

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    Mail Lists it's in the App Catalog since 1/18... It allows group emailing right now.
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    Sorry, you're talking about SMS grouping... Wait 2-3 days, and Mail Lists will do it.

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