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    I apologize because I'm sure this has been asked, but after searching I couldn't find any relevant answers - but several dated ones that said "not yet" - so maybe "yet" has happened?

    Is it possible to save a file from link inside the browser on the Pre?? Specifically an .mp3?

    Today - playing around w/ ringtones, I somehow managed to save one. Problem is, I have no idea how I did it!!

    I was getting that annoying "ring-a-ding" tone from the Geico commercial, clicked the link, and it kept coming up in the player as "streaming". I tried several combinations of holding down the orange button, holding down shift, orange+shift etc - and nothing seemed to give me an option to save.

    BUT - when I went to the Music player - there it was (and still is)!! It is the only 'song' in there. I was then able to go to the ringtone settings and add it as my ringtone (and annoy the hell outta my wife lol).

    Question is - was it some kind of glitch that it actually saved it?? Did I somehow stumble on the magic key combo? I haven't been able to do it again w/ any other .mp3 files.

    Any ideas?
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    is there a link you can provide?
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    OK - I'm an *****...

    It looks like I must have touched the .m4r link on the Geico site in all of my button mashing.

    So - interesting - the Pre will download and save a .m4r file, but not a .mp3.

    That makes PERFECT sense, Palm.

    [Feel free to delete]
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    I believe holding down the orange button and tapping brings up the option on what to do with a link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    is there a link you can provide?
    Sorry, this was the link...

    GEICO | GEICO Car Insurance

    and testing again, looks like it was the .m4r that I clicked.

    Along those lines though, is there any way on the Pre itself to see a filetype (.mp3 vs .m4r) in the Music player?
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    Nevermind lol to download mp3, just click on link and options to stream or download comes up. Thankfully because of the patch helps make this possible.
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    Thanks for the info/link on the patch. I still have a "day 1 stock Pre", but it may be time to add a patch to it - and this one would be a good start!

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