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    anyone here anything about flash being in the update?
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    just to let you know, dont get your hopes up...
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    anyone know what happened to the mobile hotspot app? can't find a link anywhere
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    As for flash, im pretty sure they said it was going to be downloadable from the App Store, but only for Pre, not Pixi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zonyl View Post
    It doesnt really matter. From what I can tell Apple and Palm have infringed on each others patents already which puts them in a virtual "cold-war". For instance, Palm has the patent on dimming elements on the phone based on ambient light which iPhone uses and vice-versa with pinch-zoom. This list goes on and neither side apparently wants to start a nuclear launch of lawsuits.

    I see little regard for each others patents at this point.
    Incorrect. Apple does not hold a patent on pinch and zoom.
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    they hold a patent for multi touch
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    Quote Originally Posted by franky_402 View Post
    they hold a patent for multi touch
    Nope. They got a patent that specifies exactly how the multi-touch affects commands, but not a patent for the overall use. That patent was awarded well before the Pre was released, and most experts seem to agree that it doesn't indicate the Pre is violating it.

    I would be interested if you are talking about something else, but if you're talking about patent #7,479,949 awarded early last year, I don't think it applies. It was pretty specfic on functionality.
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    I just want palm to open up with a mic sdk. If they gave mic support that would mean there would be a ton of good apps using it!
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    Does anyone know about the Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery, and whether or not it is going to improve any time soon? I have read a boatload of reviews, and I am still struggling with making the purchase. Don't mind the bigger cover concept or the soft back vs. the slick back, but the flash/camera problem is a concern, especially if 1.4 does have video capabilities. Plus, I have that kinda' luck that right after I buy the 2600, a week later they will start selling the 3200 with all the camera improvements. First time caller, long time listener. Thanks
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    i still have issues with the dbl tap to zoom on certain pages.. i hope this gets resolved
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    Please move all webOS 1.4 anticipation discussion to this new thread:

    - Craig
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