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    before a month is up, I've decided to plead for a new Pre from Sprint. This one has a bad pixel, disturbingly bad wiggle (even for a Pre) and it locks up about once a day.

    1. What should I do to ensure my data is backed up? (I haven't purchased any apps yet.) And also to make sure the phone is wiped before they take the old one away

    2. Any special problems I will face convincing Sprint to replace the phone?

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    Should have no problems, they know the phone is pretty much a prototype. Take it to the repair place and tell them what's happening, say you've read other people have had the same problem and have gotten a replacement. I got mine replaced today, because of the headset issue my speaker phone was always on and blew out the speaker. I had a huge chip of the phone taken out when i dropped it and a couple scratches, still gave me a fresh refurb no problem.

    Just make sure you have good service (a couple bars) when you go to login to your palm profile. It took mine about an hour cuz it had to download a bunch of big apps, should go quick for you.

    Go into the last page of your launcher, there's an icon for Backup. Click back up now. There are other ways to ensure you don't lose anything, just do a search in the forums.

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