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    Hi all,

    Having dithered around for weeks I've finally changed my mind and decided not to get a pre after all. I was really excited about it when it first came out, but after a bit of research I've come to the conclusion that I'm better off replacing my lost Tungsten E2 with another E2 (albeit from Ebay because Palm don't make them any more!). My main reservations over having a Pre were

    1) The departure from the old memo concept, which I made heavy use of. I did look into using evernote, but I'm very uncomfortable with having my private memos stored anywhere other then my own hard drive.

    2) No equivalent that I could find for Ultrasoft Money, which I also use a lot.

    3) Ditto Pimlico Datebk.

    4) General unhappiness with the lack of desktop synchronisation, even as an opt-in system for weirdos like myself who believe the world has gone mad in its readiness to disclose all personal information to unknown strangers controlling remote servers and thereby to the state!

    5) The need to cough up for third-party software at significant extra expense just to be able to emulate the old OS. In fact I rather suspect I would have ended up using the Classic emulator continuously to run my old software, which begs the question of why not just stick with a PalmOS device.

    When I was enthusiastic I actually had a Pre ordered. In fact I ordered it four times. What also caused my u-turn was that O2 in the UK, the only provider, were appalling, and cancelled each of the four orders without ever providing any explanation. This gave me a chance to do more research.

    Anyway, I wanted to let someone know! I've been a long term Palm supporter, and I hope the Pre, or its webOS successor, eventually becomes attractive to me, but for now I shall be sticking with the last generation of technology.
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    I agree with your thoughts. The good old palm os has nothing to do with webos. 2 different systems. I had DateBK for years.
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    Yeah I'm with your idea that if you'd use the emulator to any extent you probably shouldn't go to WebOS, though there are plenty of apps which may have the features you desire if you go and check out the Feeds.

    Also, you could write your own apps as well if you had a programmer's talent/interest.
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    Damn brits...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ayasinskiy View Post
    Damn brits...
    agreed, with their "bollocks" and "you ******" shenanigans...
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    If it was not for a large group of us that just MUST have the newest palm on the market, I wonder how many they would really have sold. After all you have made some great points. I for one miss my 650 and 750 palms.
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    I started with a Palm Z22, then realised that I didn't want to carry a Nokia and PIM around with me at the same time so went for the Treo 680 when it came out in the UK. Now I have my UK launch day Pre, I'm really pleased with it. I don't miss anything from the original Palm OS as most Apps cover everything I used to do.
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    Thank God, you are already complaining and you don't even own a Pre.
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    Can you elaborate about the PalmOS memo concept? What is it categories?
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