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    Today I did a lot of PIM stuff. Adding new contacts, entering upcoming events, completing tasks etc. Here are some still nagging issues I noticed.

    * There needs to be a way to copy a calendar event and its notes. So I dont have to recreate it again. For example registration 02/11 begins and 03/01 deadline to register.

    * Fix the sprint nav as the default. I like the turn by turn voice. It currently just hangs on the black intro screen. If I have the app open and select get directions everything works except.

    * In calander the "show on map" and "get directions" are always set to use google maps regardless if sprint nav is default app

    * Where do you put phone extensions?

    * There needs to be a time reminder in tasks. Thats great that I know a task is due today but why can't I be reminded the task will occur 3hrs or 5hrs etc from now?

    * select all doesnt work in calendar event notes

    * Still waiting on universal calendar search. Not talking about google search
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    Unless I'm missing something, I would also like to have my task sync with the Calendar in addition to the notification issues you mentioned. That may be a more of a personal preference though. I thought the old Palm OS did that.

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