My toggle switch next to my power button, when switched from one mode to another, will not immediately display the change that I had made. Sometimes it will act normal and notify me instantly and sometimes it will notify me a few minutes later.

Also, sometimes, without me even touching the pre, it will display the notification that it had been switched.

Lastly, I have it set on "vibrate" and I just got a text and it made noise. A couple minutes later after I sent my reply to the text the notification came up that it had been switched from noise mode to vibrate mode, 3 minutes later... Quite aggrivating!

Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, what did you do to fix it?

Sprint Tech Support suggested going to a Sprint store to have them reset the phone with their CELLBRIGHT machine that they use to transfer contacts from phone to phone. However, the tech guy sais that he had NEVER heard of this.

I'm all ears guys!! Thanks in advance!