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    Hey guys!

    Let me start by saying that I am an avid blackberry (curve and storm) user who is very excited about the new Verizon Palm Pre Plus! I have an upgrade coming up next week and want to try out the new Plus. I am 100% new to Palm products but have been following the Sprint Pre for some time.

    I have lurked the forums and how-to guides a bit, as well as googled some questions, but am still fuzzy on a few details. Was hoping to get some Pre lovin'! I'm sorry if these have been answered many times, I honestly tried searching but only found minimal answers. Also, I haven't had a chance in my schedule to check out one in person. Any help is appreciated!

    1. I started with an EnV 2 on Verizon that allowed me to send multiple texts in a row but let me type them in one message. Then I switched to the curve and it was very strict on the 160 characters limit. On Verizon, how is the sms feature for the char limit on the Pre? I found it on that one phone on the network allowed for multiple msgs to be sent from one long text, and that the curve made me open up a message each time I went over the 160. (I know... you can just send a MMS with text instead of pictures to overcome that limit, but I am curious anyway) Also, yeah yeah... I know its text msging so why so long... why not call? Well, as an educator at an elementary and online grad student, most of my communication is during times where I cannot talk but text my intent, thus the importance! Plus, I h8 2 shortN my msgs 2 this kind f writng. UGH.

    2. I own a mac. From what I could tell, the easiest way to synch to the "cloud" of pre was to make a google calendar and contacts account. I did that Did I miss anything else?

    3. Multiple emails, like my college, (mac), and work... most webmail based. Easy to synch to the blackberry. Will I be able to get them to the Pre? This is essential. I'm a noob when it comes to WTP/DCCP and all that computer jargon.

    4. My blackberry allows LED notifications in different colors (blue for text, orange for email, etc) (berrybuzz). I understand that the only LED on the Pre Plus is the LED on the gesture area? Is it noticeable? Bright? Bright enough to show I need to attend to it? It is hard to tell in most vidoes. The thing that would make me happiest in the world would be to have the LED change colors like the berry, but I understand the limitation.

    5. All videos show all the goodies like games and apps. I want to know about the primary function: Calls! Does the phone open-slide to call? Just curious. Also, since it's a touchphone, do cheecks activate the menu while on a call? I ask because I always had that problem on the Storm. Drove me nuts. Does the screen at least lock while in call mode? And, if not, is there an app/homebrew for this? I didn't see one in the list, but might have missed one. It's a long list!

    6. Do palm pre accessories work on the palm plus? They look identical in structure. I ask because I am considering getting a case now for when I go to get it. I like to be prepared and I don't like to pay Verizon's over-inflated prices for phone accessories.

    I am sorry for so many questions! I definitely appreciate any help or insight with these and thank you for reading them. I am excited to be calling this my new home in about a week., you will be missed.

    ~Eve Shepherd
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    1. If you hit the limit it simply continues the message in subsequent messages. They all send at once.

    2. No you did not miss anything.

    3. I was able to get my school email on my Pre quite easily, but there are some people for whom that did not work. Simple answer is to ask your school's IT group. As for other email accounts, it should be fairly straight forward to set up. The only issue I could forsee is that for most of those others you will not get pushed email. Meaning, you will not get them as they come. A way around that is to have them all forward to your gmail account. That way you get items as they arrive. This would also help you avoid adding all your email accounts to your Pre.

    4. No colors. LED notifications are bright enough.

    5. There is a hack that allows for slide to answer, though I can't imagine needing the keyboard while on a call. As for hanging up on someone inadvertently, it has never happened for me. For the most part the hangup is out of the way.

    6. Accessories are the same. No problems there.
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    2. That would be ok. But if you also want to have your memos and tasks on the Pre, you could also do a one-time/one-way import from outlook or Palm Desktop to your Pre using the DTA : Move your info onto your phone with the Data Transfer Assistant

    3. you should be able to set up every POP3, IMAP or Exchange-Account with your Palm Pre. Every Mailaccount should be available via one of these (even if the normal way of accessing is web-based).

    4. In my opinion the LED is bright enough to get your attention. (but LED-notification only works through a preware-patch)

    5. The Palm has a proximity sensor and shuts down touchscreen when near your face, so no reason to care about your doesn't recognize them (display goes black, too). No idea about the open-slider, didn't try this one.

    6. Pre and Pre Plus are almost identical. All accessories should work for both.
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    I would recommend understanding Patches, what they are and what they can do and what you need to know when it comes to webOS OS updates. Patches can add additional functionality to your Pre. For instance, I've applied a patch that hangs-up the phone call when I shut the slider, except for when I'm in headset mode.
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    Ok thanks guys. Yes I think my next step is definitely figuring out how to install the patches and the process once I actually get the phone in my hands. Good to know about the LED notifying being a patch as well as the email info. Very helpful!

    I know where to turn with my many new questions, but I have to say you guys are very welcoming into the scene. Thanks!

    ~Eve Shepherd

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