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    Since I have an Airave in my house and work from home, I typically run my Pre with location services and data turned off, and just use the phone radio and wifi. With this, I get somewhere around 2 days (+/-) of battery life.

    Last night, I was fiddling around with it, and found out that I could sync my Yahoo account with Synergy. I set everything up and put the phone down, and it suddenly started sucking battery power like nobody's business - I could watch the percentage drop as I was holding it. I brought it to my office to plug in to the computer, and it seemed like it didn't want to charge - I tried to reset it, but the reset button was just ignored. The phone seemed to be very sluggish in general. I finally performed a battery pull, but then it wouldn't boot. I pulled the battery again and it finally booted, and I performed a reset of the device - I was ready to hook up WebOS Doctor, but my computer refused to recognize it - it wouldn't even charge. It was like a dead USB charging port. Finally got it back up, restored my settings (I *love* having the phone settings in the cloud...) and put it on charge for the night. This morning, it was only up to 95% - weird, because it normally charges pretty fast. Later, it was back up to 100%, so I unplugged it. Now it seems like it's back close to normal, but just doesn't feel....*right.* I can't put my finger on it, but it just doesn't seem like everything is totally back to normal with the phone.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Anyone have any idea what might possibly be going on? I'm going to give it a day or two, then I'm calling Sprint and seeing if they can shed some light (HA!)
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    Well speaking of strange behavior, my last palm pre (i've had 3 different ones: 1 had a broken volume button, they replaced it; last one was al wacky, replaced it; and my current one)...well anyways, my last Pre was al wacky, when i locked it, it would turn on by itself. Sometimes when the phone rang, there was no sound or it just played the ringtone skipping :s . I went to sprint and they said they had never seen a pre act like that, then the employee ordered a new palm pre for me (I live in Purto Rico so i had to wait). The day my new pre arrived, the old one was struggling to keep alive, battery life lasted like 2 hours if i was lucky. I remember that by that time, the HTC hero was recently released and all the employees were psyched and playing with their of them even called my pre a piece of **** (i was offended by the way :@) But in the end, they replaced my old pre with this new baby wich i love! =] happy ending

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