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    I mentioned in the 1.3.5 bug thread that my phone has been locking up occasionally since the update. I've narrowed it down to it happening when I slide the phone closed while it's trying to initiate a call or text message. If I hit send on a text message and immediately slide it closed, the phone shuts off and won't start up again until I pull the battery. It then locks up on boot and I'm forced to pull the battery a second time. This also happens sometimes if I press call and slide the phone closed. I always have to pull the battery twice.

    I saw that someone else had this same lockup issue and am wondering if it's more widespread. I can't make it happen consistently so I'm wondering if I can still get the phone replaced. This happened twice today already and it's driving me nuts.
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    my wife's pre has the same problem.
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    1.4 update do out anytime should fix up the 1.3.5 lock up issues. Also you can push the orange button, sym, R and that will reset your phone the right way.

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