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    I don't know if it's a patch I installed or I just started noticed this. My SMS texts are chopped when a new line begins. It is very annoying, makes it hard to read messages. Is it just my pre or is that the way the messaging works on the pre?

    Thank you..
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    Thanks for posting this, I am having the same issue, words are getting chopped in half at the end of the line with the remaining part of the word appearing on the next line. Here are the patches I have loaded:

    3000 autoreplace words (sms)
    4x4 icons v3
    add date - mm/dd
    add priority discard btns
    advanced phone menu
    battery icon and percent
    call duration in call log
    change number of bookmarks on startpage
    character counter (sms)
    delete from notification
    enable add/delete pages
    enable dialpad vibration
    enable landscape email
    enable led notifications
    enter key for new line (sms)
    gps in device menu
    launcher auto-popup
    named pages in the launcher
    no alert during call
    no auto-off while charging
    read/delete all email
    repeat reminder notify
    timestamp - fancy (sms)
    unhide dev mode icon
    unthrottle download manager

    I marked those that have some relation to SMS (sms). If no one has a resolution, will start with removing those patches one by one and test the SMS function.

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