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    i switched to the palm pre plus but i have some stuf on my old pre that i'd like to do i do so.

    also is there a way to use the pre without it being active on sprints network?
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    1 yes when you first start up your phone new phone that is, it should have asked if you wanted to sign into a new account or asked for an email address I believe if you put in the same email as the one from the sprint phone it would sign you into that account and transfer everything
    2 yes look up meta doctor in the forums
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Yes, the Pre is still a great device only using wifi. Let me know if you need any help.
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    when i try to log in it says that i dont have a data connection therefore i cant login.

    i also cant activate wifi.
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    You need to use meta doctor on Webos Internals to bypass activation
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    damn, wish i knew this when i got my replacement. Also TIP!!: When you get your new phone...before signing into it, turn your old phone into airplane mode and turn off wifi and you will be able to access it until you turn on wifi again or turn it off airplane mode. It won't cause the phone to look for activation. This is good for cases you may need to access something on your phone that you need (non web related)
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    can you point to a guide on how to do this? please thanks

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