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    Is there a Tube map app yet?
    How are the phones holding up, i have heard many bad reviews but as the Pre was released alot later here were these problems fixed? as in the harware issues.
    how long does the battery last?

    I haven't seen one person with a Pre in the uk yet, i was in NY last weekend and saw someone with it there.
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    would love one!!
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    I've had my pre since late November. This is my first smartphone and to be honest it's been an experience to say the least.

    Coming from a Sony Ericsson 5mp camera with video, bluetooth file transfer and all the things you tend to take for granted these days, where phones are concerned, was a bit of a shock to the system and to be honest i was a bit embarrassed by the lack of gadgets.

    However, as time has elapsed the pre has started to find it's feet and begin to win me over bigtime. Build quality for me has never been an issue. My pre is blemish free and without oreo effect. Battery life did concern me to begin with as i'd been used to going days without needing to charge my SE. Having spoken to other smartphone users though i don't think that the pre is any worse than the HTC's and iphones out there.

    WebOS is simple to navigate and with the community on this forum any issues are usually resolved pretty quickly. Not forgetting to mention the frequent firmware updates that bring additional functionality to an already impressive piece of kit and the homebrewer who seem to be able to create a patch for almost anything.

    Apps aren't as numerous as in the US but with the full app catalogue opening in March to the UK we will soon be able to revel in the 3D gaming free for all that seems to be taking off. As for the tube app i read somewhere on this forum that one was being considered.

    When WebOS 1.4 lands in Feb then i think the pre will take another huge leap forward and i for one won't be disappointed.
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    I agree with mykal900 on all points made. Apart from my UK launch day Pre dying on Sunday. Touchscreen stopped working and is now away from me for 7 - 10 days for repair (read replacement). And from reading a lot of posts here, I'm dreading getting back a wiggly (Oreo) or something else wrong, Pre. As before my touchscreen died, there was absolutely nothing wrong with my Pre.

    Oh and there's a Tube thread here somewhere, just search. I'd look for you but you only have 2 posts so you wouldn't get the link i post.
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    I've had my Pre now for about 3 months and I've had no problems whatsoever with build quality (touch wood, hail Mary, etc.) Everything is work as well as it was on day 1. If anything, a little slackness in the slider mechanism makes it easier to open one handed.

    The battery lasts me a day, but it takes about a week of usage for the device to settle down, get everything sync'd up. In the first few days, I was burning through the battery in a few hours, but I do have 8000 appointments and about 1000 contacts spread across Google, LinkedIn and Yahoo.

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    If Palm can hang in there, I believe they have the phone OS of the future! I have had my Pre since the beginning of November and have no hardware issues whatsoever, firmware wise it gets better and more capable with every new release, 1.4 will add tons of functionality.

    Battery life is the same as every smartphone I have ever had, i.e charge it every night!

    The WebOS user interface is light years ahead of Android/ Iphone/ WM/ Maemo/ Symbian IMHO (and I have tried them all).

    All I can say to sum up is that from being "meh, a phone is a phone" with respect to my previous devices, I have turned into a "Palm ******" evangelising about my Pre to all my friends and family at every opportunity.
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    I can tell you from experience that the pre's battery life is way better than the iphone 3g and 3gs as I have all of them.
    For example: Iphone 3g, with push on all day, couple of 10 min phone calls, an hour of mp3+ some sshing for themes= dead battery by late afternoon.

    Pre with the same will last an entire day, maybe two. Very happy with the battery life.
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    It's an excellent phone. Treat it well and it'll last.
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