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    Ive been having the most frustrating and insane problems for the last few days/weeks with my pre.

    First of all a few weeks ago i was getting the phone offline error, I would have to reset and go into and out of airplane mode to fix it.

    Then it got worse and that wouldnt even fix it.

    It disconnects in the middle of calls all the time

    After reading about everything onine about the phone offline error I thought it was a problem with one of my accounts, removed all 4 email accounts, still happend, removed all my messaging accounts, still happend, removed all my contacts accounts, still happened.

    I doctored my phone back to 1.3.1, still happened.

    I made a new palm profile, no contacts, no email, no messaging, no apps, factory default phone, still happens, but now definitly not as much.

    I found out that to get the phone to go back "online" i can slide the slider open and closed very quickly about 10 times (LOL, it looks very funny when I do this, very frustrating).

    Now the EV icon will appear for about 5 seconds when I start up my phone and then its gone forever, and I cant figure out why.

    I am so lost, i dont know what to do, I cant download the 1.3.5 update over wifi, it tells me to try again later, I cant connect to EVDO, the phone keeps going offline.

    I dont know what to do, this is making me a crazy person.


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    sounds like a radio problem.. take it to sprint and get a new one
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    +1 I would definitely return the phone. If there are no signs of physical damage they should replace it for free under warranty. (Just make sure you have the $7 a month insurance)
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    im gettin a new one thursday.

    ive calmed down.
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    Got a new one!! woohoo i love having a shiny new phone.
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    Are you still insane?
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    insane in the membrane?
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    i am not un-insane, everything is actually working correctly on my phone. It was so frustrating before, there were about 5 things wrong with the phone.

    This new one has ZERO oreo too, they are making them better now it seems.

    my phone is awesome again, just setup remotewin and i was a little dissapointed it was kinda slow.
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    at least its working like its supposed to work now lol ha ha !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    yes! its great when a phone is able to place phone calls.
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    Glad you got the issues settled. How's the reception on your new phone? Mine has been great since day one when the pre came out.

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