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    My phone used to work like a champ all the time.

    I went on vacation last week and the phone/bluetooth headset connection would start cutting in and out if the phone was more than 2 feet away from the headset. If they were sitting next to each other it was fine. Prior to this issue, I could be 20+ feet away and everything was fine.

    Also, on this same vacation, I noticed I couldn't connect to wi-fi anywhere. It always failed (I can't remember the precise error message).. Anyway when I got home, once again I couldn't connect to wi-fi. Then I walked up to my router and if I'm standing a few feet from it, it gets a low signal, but if I walk away, it loses it.

    I've already doctored my phone numerous times and it did not resolve the problem. I have a feeling there is some setting that got jacked (as opposed to something being physically broken) but I've been unable to locate it.

    Any ideas/tips?

    Palm support was absolutely useless. They said my headset was not on the approved devices list, which in fact it was, but she insisted it wasn't(!?!?)
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    I have one that shipped to me with the exact same problem. I ended up purchasing a new one. Palm support suggested I drive around and try to find a coffe shop that would connect with wifi.

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    Yeah, I backed everything up and have an insurance plan so I'm hoping I can just get a new one.. Sigh. Love this phone but tired of the headaches.

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