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    I bought a Pre Plus and want t use it on sprint, anyone want to adddress tis posibility.

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    Doubtful, ESN wont match up with Sprints.
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    Not for us mortals

    it is possible, in technical terms, yes

    but in practice, impossible.

    It is practically impossible to make this happen.

    the reason Is on the side of the carriers and their policies. you would basically have to fool several people both in the Verizon side and Sprint side to ignore their policies, divulge information, circumvent security and other protocols, enter manual information into databases and generally go out of their way to do things they aren't supposed to, on your behalf, to get this to happen.

    plus, theres a good chance that even if you could do all the sweet talking, smooth conniving and so on, you'd still have wierd problems with updates, and data and miscellenious features, none of which anyone has any real idea what and where they would happen, let alone how to fix them.

    you basically would be spending tons of time trying to get a phone to kind-of work on a network, with no garentee that you 1) will actually be able to get it done 2) that it will work correctly 3) that if 1 and 2 do happen, it will be reliable, and won't get borked down the line.

    and you will be mostly going solo on this endevour, as nobody can guide you through it all.

    so, in the end, if you really like sprint just get the pre.
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