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    I have read the other threads, I followed the steps and installed the patches as shown, but my pre just asked for a restore after reboot. After restore (just lost my contacts and apn is all) I could see all the patches there but no Yahoo.
    I really need some way of natively using Yahoo, If I used a web app I couldn't get notifications and it would have to be on in the background all the time.
    I have an iPhone 3g and although i have found most things have an equivalent on the Pre, support for IM and social networking seems very bad. I saw that Agile messenger are porting their IM app over to the Pre but their site has no eta.
    Can anyone help, rather than just redirecting me to those patches again?
    Thanks in advance.
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    there is a new app in the app catalog called IM+.

    quite hefty price tho.

    edit: don't rush to buy it as there is no review yet and I'm not sure if it works as you have in mind.
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    if you are running the latest version of WebOS then yahoo messenger should be there it comes with the phone. If you installed the patch to have live messenger and now the yahoo doesn't appear and the device madea reset then more than likely you have to remove that patch with QuickInstall or doctor the phone.
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    Hi, yes I have, but there is no Yahoo there and was never there. I removed all the patches completely. The phone was brand new unopened when I bought it yesterday and on an old firmware so I used official webosdoctor to update to the latest one. It says I have no more updates when I run the phones update tool.
    Anything else I can do?
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    Yahoo isn't offered by Bell in Canada.

    Go to the homebrew forums and look up the Messenger Plugin patch. It is our best option until something more solid comes to be.
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    What EXACTLY are you doing when you try to add a Yahoo account? Are you trying to add it from the Messaging client or from the Contacts app?

    P.S. It would help if people would identify up front what carrier/operator they're on when asking for help. Sometimes it makes a big difference.
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    Use Meebo - Connecting AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, MySpace messengers

    That site lets you login to pretty much all messengers and it is browser based. That should hold you over well until we get more apps.
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    I tried those already, nothing happened although they installed. I am in UK on official 02 carrier.

    I found a fix on another forum, hope this is useful as I know i'm not the only one with this issue:

    What you are seeing is, if I recall correctly, a bug from Palm webOS 1.3.1 that has not yet been addressed. If you launch Messaging on the Pre, and then select Preferences & Accounts > Add IM Acoun you will not get a button to add a Yahoo! IM account.

    The work around for this issue, and to add Yahoo IM support to your Pre is to add a Yahoo email or calendar account. When you do, the IM account will also be created. That is the process that worked for me when Palm introduced Yahoo IM support with webOS 1.3.1.

    Edit: Added the Yahoo Mail account, still no Yahoo option

    i have added my Yahoo account to both email and contacts.
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    Do it from Contacts.

    EDIT: Okay, I see you already tried that. Not sure what else to try. My Pre doesn't list Yahoo from the IM client, but does from the Contacts app and I have Yahoo IM working fine.
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    I have and it said something about successfully syncing with synergy..but no YM still?

    No option in messaging accounts and when I go to click on a yahoo contact, I get 'the specified im type is not supported'

    Is there a way to check what firmware i am on, I'm presuming it's the latest because nothing comes up in updates and I used doctor yesterday..I'm clutching at straws now!

    EDIT: Just read it's only on the US firmware. Ridiculous, Americans mostly use AIM or MSN and laugh at me when I say I use Yahoo. I can't believe this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    there is a new app in the app catalog called IM+.

    quite hefty price tho.

    edit: don't rush to buy it as there is no review yet and I'm not sure if it works as you have in mind.
    Hefty price?? LOL!! I can tell you've never had a Blackberry....until recently IM+ was priced at $39.95 for the BB platform. Every now and then it goes on some sort of sale but never more less than $19.95. And the Multi-platform app I use on the Blackberry, Beejive, I paid $29.99 for. Just recently, due to complaints from users who saw the same app on the iPhone for $9.99, did they reduce the user license to $14.99. Blackberry apps tend to be higher than most other platform's apps so really $9.99 isn't that much at all. I have paid $7 for a theme I hated a never used....LOL!!

    But to the original poster, check out IM+. It's a great app and has awesome functionality.
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    I never heard of IM+ on WebOS. This is neat. Someone tell us what they think.
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    Yep, just hope its UI is nicer than the iPhone version (I paid for Beejive on my Iphone, great app)
    Do you know if it has photo upload, otherwise I'm sticking with Gregs patches (which I finally got to work, see his thread)

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