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    First post for me so hello everyone.

    I had the same with them yesterday when I called to upgrade, they were really pushing the iPhone. I'd already made up my mind anyway so just told them what i wanted. Phone arrived today although they forgot to send the touchstone so I have to wait until tomorrow for that.

    Now just have to get through the rest of the day at work and then it's home to check out the new toy
    Congratulations on your new phone.

    As far as O2 pushing people who actively seem interested in the Palm toward an Iphone instead, that should be very disturbing indeed for Palm. It bothers me and I don't even have a financial stake in Palm. I just want to see them succeed because I happen to like their products.
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    Well the last two o2 stores i went to had pres on show, the 1st store the woman didn't really know much about it nor did she with any of the phones, 2nd store the girl did know alot and was saying that i might prefer it than the iphone, i asked about return polices due to hearing build quality problems she said that the only reason they were ever returned was because some people felt like the interface wasn't for them they found it hard to ajust to even tho they liked it so they ended up getting simpler phones. Other than that she said alot of people really liked the phone. oh and if their is a fault you can return your phone within 2 weeks.
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    If anything, you'd think they'd be taking a bigger profit from Palm than Apple (its well documented the kind of hard bargain Apple drive with the networks) so they'd push the Pre! I'm imagine they make moire from the sale of a Pre than an iPhone given Apple takes such big cuts.
    Didn't I read that the iPhone has been barely profitable for O2 since launch, but a complete cash cow for Apple?
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    iPhone fan boys are everywhere. O2's staff are renowned for it, I was twice told to get an iPhone when I bought my Pre in-store and in the most ignorant manner too, i.e. "Get an iPhone man, they're the best, innit".
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    O2 Stores are aboslutley stuffed with Apple chuckletumblers, they don't want to push anything else, Palm or otherwise - maybe they get better commission for it.
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    was on the train coming back from London right smack in the middle of evening rush hour and 7/10 phones that people were using were iphones! everywhere I turned i saw that stupid white apple logo on the back of phones...argh!

    So i smugly took out my palm pre and played toppleball, comforted by the fact that i wasn't like everyone out there who all have the same thing in their hands!
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    I must admit that when I got my pre from o2 uk in Oct last year I asked my wife to order it for me while I was at work. It was an upgrade from N95. My wife had to make 3 calls to me then subsequently 3 calls back to O2 as they were really trying to push the iphone. Luckily I don't like being told what to do.
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    Someone should tweet this to Palm and get their attention.
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    I don't know about how it is out there, but in Spain, phone companies get perks for selling a certain phone. They say "if you (personally to a sales person) sell more than 100 X-phones in a month, you get this: <prize>; 150 this and 200 this..." So my friend, who works at the phone company, pushes different phones monthly depending on what phones have the best prizes. It seems kind of funny, but it's completely true. She got a Xbox 360 and a laptop (high end) for selling some phones.... Maybe they've got the same thing going on over in 02 :s? It is Movistar (here) the o2 company.
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    The 3 O2 stores I know have the pre display front and centre, so it's what you first see when you walk in the door (and the iPhones further back), and when asking about the pre (back in October) the staff were very encouraging for me to buy it, with no mention of iPhones at all.
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    Got to agree with snooneko. I got my pre on launch day in the uk and althoguh there wasnt much advertising for it in the shop the staff were very friendly and didnt say a word about the iphone
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    There are incentives for all networks to sell phone from various manufacturers, these tend to come from the manufacturers themselves, and to my knowledge Apple do not play that game at all, leaving incentives to the like of RIM SonyEriccson, Nokia, Samsung and LG.

    As The Palm Pre has not caught on in the uk as yet staff seem to have little exposure to it and are less confident in selling it.

    To be fair the iPhone did not sell in massive numbers until the 3g came along and the App store. It is the App store in my opinion that is driving the numbers of the iPhone, and when the App Catalog(ue) is brought out of beta and opened up to paid for apps this will drive further the Palm Pre sales.

    Palm are not helping themselves with this with little advertising and none of it in my opinion any good. Apple pushed loads of advertising, the latter was all about the apps. Now there is very little advertising and the numbers are being driven by upgrading 3g customers, it being 18m just gone since the 3g came out and most people opting for 18m raher than 24 month contracts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyfox View Post
    Got to agree with snooneko. I got my pre on launch day in the uk and althoguh there wasnt much advertising for it in the shop the staff were very friendly and didnt say a word about the iphone
    Same for me, I got mine on launch day and they didn't mention the iPhone. Also, when I brought back my third faulty Pre halfway through December, I demanded they switch me to an iPhone 3GS because I'd had enough.( They really didn't want me to though, and it took a call to the area manager for it to be agreed to!

    So from my experience, O2 staff haven't been ever tried to encourage me to get an iPhone. However in regards to the problems stated by the call centre worker in the first post - I had all of those problems; the Pre did struggle to last a day and the Touchstone was messed up. Not to mention the old oero.

    Anywho, I still miss my Pre and webOS though, the iPhone feels stale, even though it built a lot sturdier.
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