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    Using Filecoaster, is there a way to search for apps? I couldn't find a way and maybe I'm missing something.

    Is the correct way to uninstall the homebrew apps by using the launcher?

    Is there a sleep timer apps that exist for my music and if the music app is closed will it resume a podcast I'm listening to?

    Also has anyone bought Seidio Innocell 1350 Extended Battery for Palm Pre and does it show noticeable battery life improvements?

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    Do some searching and youll find that FileCoaster is like buying a new caw w/ no steering wheel.....Its seriously lacking.

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    Agreed.. use Preware instead and you will have a much smoother and easier experience!

    Not sure about the other questions, but from feedback on the battery - it does offer a slight improvements (a couple of hours perhaps, depending upon use).. but it isn't going to be a HUGE improvement. If you are looking to just make your phone last through the end of a work day, then this will give you the extra power to get there.
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    after you install preware, download music app remix. Remix, is the way to go if you want this feature.
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    filecoaster version 1.1.6 should allow you to access the homebrew apps but..yeah go with preware...and there is a patch for uninstalling apps from launcher by the pressin n holdin the gesture area and tapping on the app and a delete option will appear...otherwise just pull down the top left column of screen find list of apps go there and swipe left to right off screen to delete apps...dunno bout the battery but you can get an extended battery on ebay for 19.99 free shipping from the seller smavstore . I have a 2250mah...lasts me alllll day

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