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    Been a while since I posted, but this is just getting bad. Launch day Pre's power button died a couple months ago, second one had pixel/rebooting issues, the third one couldn't keep time (kept going fast) and a bad pixel, the fourth one I have now has the same time issue as well (plus a little oreo action). I feel like no one looks at the defective units and just sends them back out. It makes me SO sad, since I LOVE webos, but the quality control is **** poor. I should not have to go through 5+ phones in nearly as many months.

    Debating if whether or not I should execute Sprint's ToS change to get out w/o an ETF in the next few days to go to VZ, but I hate VZ b/c they are blood suckers.

    It's so sad, there's just no options out there:

    Pre: great but terrible quality control
    iPhone: cute but no substance
    Droid: eh, hardware is great but software is not as polished/user-friendly as webos
    BB: lame...still not polished enough for me (had a Pearl for a while, got bored)

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer12 View Post
    Droid: eh, hardware is great but software is not as polished/user-friendly as webos
    I just read earlier on here about someone replacing their Droid 6 times (I believe they said six, I cant remember what thread it was now.) My brother has had to replace his Droid 3 times thus far, and I replaced my Blackberry 4 times in 5 months. If you think it's only Palm, I'm sure you'll find the grass a similar shade over yonder.
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    The clock issue is documented by Palm and there is only a work-around right now. They know of the issue and are looking into it. I went through 2 devices before I got my good (3rd) device and have been totally happy ever since.

    If you don't want to give the Sprint Pre another go... then use your 'get out of jail free' card and cancel your Sprint service and grab a Pre Plus on Verizon. They have upgraded the build quality a lot (except for Dieter's). The downside is that Verizon is a lot more expensive for the same services!
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    Yeah, I guess I'm just sad that all phones suck in general. If you think about PCs, you are way less likely to get a dud. Then again, a laptop doesn't sit in your pocket all day, get dropped on concrete, etc.

    I had a BB before and had it replaced a couple times. A while ago, I had a Sony Ericsson and that was replaced monthly.

    I guess I was just more miffed by Sprint b/c except for the last exchange, they refused to do it over the phone, and I had to go to the store and wait (and not the store near my either) to 1) get it checked out and 2) pick up the new one. This time I called them up and gave them some lip, and did everything via mail. I guess someone finally got the picture

    I do like the Sprint Navigation (when it works), and Sprint's prices are incredible. I don't want to pay VZ for the coverage where cows outnumber humans 100:1. I can deal with a little oreo action, I can deal with a small pixel issue (when the screen is dark), but a malfunctioning clock for such an advanced device is almost a deal breaker for me.

    I've heard some folks on here demanding a "new" Pre, so maybe I can coax Sprint into getting one of those...
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    THIS is my horror Story:

    First Pre within Launch month, one month later i had to exchange because i was having issues with calling, opening cards and other problems.

    Second Pre was refurb with terrible oreo damage, i mean the top screen had gap and moved alot, they wouldn't take it back, so i was stuck with it. But as soon as i got it i started having problems with the headphone jack and mic and speaker. it would get out of headset mode, or sometimes it would make any sounds at all and the mic would just turn off in call mode.
    I took it into SPRINT store and they ordered parts to repair the the headphone jack, mic and speaker. When i got the phone back, the SPRINT TECH did such a terrible job that i my screen was separated by the bottom piece so much i could fit 2 quarters in the gap, my keyboard buttons were loose, and my keyboard was coming off!!!

    After much arguing they exchanged me for another Refurb. I got that one last week. the first day i got it my reception bars were going haywire. Were i normally had full reception 5 bars, i was now roaming and had no reception =(
    I couldn't call or text anyone, nothing was working. I ran a system test and it gave me a ERROR CODE 20. A problem with my modem in the phone.
    after awhile and some resetting it returned to normal but kept doing it everyother day.

    I went back to the SPRINT store today and showed them what was happening and they order me another phone. AT WHAT POINT CAN"T I JUST GET A NEW ONE!!!

    This is my 4th PRE! I'm tired of not having a reliable functional phone. I really hope they ordered me a new one but i doubt it.
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    Just to update you all: I did end up getting a brand new pre. However, it's perfect except the damn space bar is gummy - as in, no click. Really annoying to wonder whether or not the button was pushed. But alas, there's nothing I can do. If I trade it in, I'll just get a refurb, thus the cycle starts again. I just hope that in a few months I'll either get a) the next WebOS device or b) something else that has better build quality (HTC Supersonic is looking promising).

    Palm, whoever you choose as your next manufacturer, make sure it is NOT Foxconn.
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    I got a Pre Plus on launch day. It was as good as could be expected with quality. Slider was tight when new but gradually loosened up over a months time. I didn't get oreo but definitely quite a bit of play when closed. I had the double key problem, or missing key tap problem. It was very aggravating trying to type an email. I'm also a "pocket" guy. I kept that Pre in the Palm pouch when in my pocket because I felt like the Pre's screen is so exposed on that flush form factor. Just a few days ago, I finally traded it in for the Pixi. I miss the big screen and the processor of the Pre but I love this phone. I just jam it in the pocket, seems to be made for it. Keyboard is oh so much nicer. I can text and type and email to my hearts content and it is just so...not difficult compared to the Pre. Not a gamer so I don't mind that. Get's my emails just fine, surfs the web just fine (smaller screen is not bad), battery life is so much better...I'm just more relaxed about owning it and using it compared to the Pre. Anyway, works for me. The processor (able to open 50 cards, and such) and bigger screen was more of a mental block than anything. Now that I rock the Pixi, I'm just, well relaxed is the best way to describe it. I just use it...I don't worry about the damn slider and the finicky keyboard on the Pre. Love WebOS. This will do nicely until the next iteration of the Pre is released.
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    Previously I went thru 2 BlackBerrys, before than I went thru 3 LG's. But still on my launch day Pre, guess it's luck of the draw.

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